Domus Juridica (Sentrum), Auditorium 1 February 13, 2020
Breakfast Meeting: What is consciousness and how do we experience the world?

What is consciousness? What do we mean when we say that someone or something is conscious? And what does this mean for neuroscience? There is nothing more familiar to us…

(NB! 2020). Auditorium 1, University Library, University of Oslo June 2, 2020
Daniel DENNETT: Autonomy, Consciousness, and Responsibility

The deep relation between human consciousness and moral responsibility seems obvious, but it has some underappreciated complexities. The traditional idea of free will has misled many into thinking it requires…

Lille Auditorium, Domus Medica January 9, 2020
Open symposium on scientific theories of consciousness

Integrated Information Theory: What is it, how did it emerge, and how can we use it? After decades of progress in cognitive neuroscience consciousness is still eluding understanding. Are scientific…

Drammensveien 78 December 16, 2019
ITZHAK FRIED, public lecture: Single neuron studies of memories and volitions in the human brain

Public lecture: «Single neuron studies of memories and volitions in the human brain» – by Professor Itzhak Fried. *** Forum for Consciousness Research and The Norwegian Science Academy invites to…

Forsamlingsalen, Harald Scheldrups Hus, Psykologisk Institutt, Universitetet i Oslo September 17, 2019
Robert T. KNIGHT: Physiology of Human Cognition. Insights from Intracranial recording

Abstract The last decade has witnessed an explosion of research employing recording of electrical activity directly from the human brain. Intracranial recording provides a powerful window into the neural basis…

Niels Treschows hus, 12th floor conference room, University of Oslo Campus September 6, 2019
Workshop on Consciousness, Meditation, and the Resting Brain

The resting brain, including the mind wandering that it produces, has been argued to play an important role in creating conscious experience. Its role in meditation varies: Concentrative meditation seeks…

Runde aditorium, DOMUS MEDICA, UiO (near the Rikshospitalet stop at tram lines 17 and 18) Sognsvannsveien 9, 0317 Oslo April 26, 2019
THE DREAMING BRAIN: On Sleep, Dreaming and Consciousness

Forum for Consciousness Research and The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters invite you to an open meeting on the science and philosophy of sleep, dreaming and consciousness. Schedule: 11.00…

Location Not Set January 28, 2020
Cancelled: Public lecture by Daniel Dennett

20181203_Poster Dan DENNETT_FBF-DNVA-UiO 28.Jan_JFS8   CANCELLED This lecture has sadly been cancelled due to a minor illness preventing Professor Daniel Dennett to travel to Europe at this time. Hopefully a…

Physiology Lunch Room/Library, Domus Medica, UiO (next to Rikshopitalet and Gaustad Hotel) October 24, 2018
Technical Workshop with Dr. Oliver Rhodes on SpiNNaker, a neuromorphic computing platform

Simulating the brain is a challenge, even for modern supercomputers. As simulations grow in
size, traditional memory and communications mechanisms do not scale, and energy consumption can
become prohibitive. A solution to this problem is to develop bespoke hardware tailored to brain
simulation, also known as neuromorphic hardware. This seminar will introduce SpiNNaker (Spiking
Neural Network Architecture), a neuromorphic platform developed at the University of Manchester.
This massively parallel machine, comprised of over 1 million programmable ARM cores with a unique
routing framework, enables real-time power-efficient simulation of large-scale spiking neural
networks. As well as introducing the machine architecture and software, a range of simulations will
be presented, including a discussion of how simulating the brain can also inform the field of computer
science in order to help us develop more efficient, fault-tolerant computing machines.

Auditorium 1, G. Sverdrups Hus/ Universitetsbiblioteket, Blindern, Moltke Moes vei 39 ved/ Blindernveien February 22, 2018
Open meeting: Prof. Dr. Cyriel M.A. PENNARTZ «Consciousness and the integration of modalities: theory and experiment»

Lecture by:  Prof. Dr. Cyriel M.A. PENNARTZ,  Head of Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience group, University of Amsterdam   Consciousness and the integration of modalities: theory and experiment   Thursday, 22…