Breakfast Meeting: What is consciousness and how do we experience the world?

Event Start Date:
4. October 2023
Event End Date:
4. October 2023
Event Venue:

What is consciousness? What do we mean when we say that someone or something is conscious? And what does this mean for neuroscience?

There is nothing more familiar to us than our own internal experiences. You know exactly how it is to be you, and no one else can experience the world exactly the same way as you do. But why is it like this? Why does seeing red, or being hungry feel like anything at all? And how can these experiences arise from neurons and electrical signals?

Thursday 13.02.20, 08.00 – 9.30 AM, an interdisciplinary panel meets to discuss some of humanity’s great unanswered questions.

We invite you to a breakfast meeting hosted by Oslo Life Science, Faculty of Medicine, and the Convergence Environment ConsciousBrainConcepts. The event is free but requires registration.

07.30 – Registration and simple refreshments
08.00 – Introductions by the panelists (Johan F. Storm, Hedda H. Morch, Sebastian Watzl)
08.30 – Panel discussion
09.00 – Questions from the audience
09.30 – End
For more information, visit the event site or facebook page.
The event will take place in Auditorium 1 at the new Domus Juridica building

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