Open Meeting in the Forum for Consciousness Research: Rodolfo LLINAS

Event Start Date:
4. October 2023
Event End Date:
4. October 2023
Event Venue:

This Monday (October 10, 2016) there will be an OPEN MEETING in  the Forum for Consciousness Research. The meeting will be held in Auditorium 13, in Domus Medica,  Gaustad  (next to Rikshopitalet  and Gaustad Hotel),  at 15.30-16.40.

Prof. *Rodolfo R. LLINAS*, from New York University School of Medicine, joins us for “Comments and discussion concerning gamma band oscillations and cognitive experience”. After having introduced the topic himself, the room will be open for questions from the audience.

All are welcome!


15.30- 15.35   Introduction by Professor Johan F. Storm, Neurophysiology, University of Oslo
15.35- 16.05   Lecture by Professor Rodolfo R. LLINAS, New York University School of Medicine
16.05- 16.40   Discussion and questions from the audience



About Prof. LLINAS:
Rodolfo R. Llinás is an eminent Colombian American neuroscientist (born in Bogota, Colombia, 1934). He has for more than 50 years pioneered functional studies of the brain at a wide range of scales:  from the inner mechanisms of its microscopic constituents, the brain cells and their contacts, the synapses (see Refs. 1-3), to higher brain functions, including the self and the mind (see Refs. 4-5).

Already more than 35 years ago, at a time when most neuroscientists believed that brain cells and other neurons were quite simple electrical devices, he discovered that each cell has distinct characteristics (the cell’s own “personality”, so to speak) and a rich “inner life” of complex electrical interactions – more like a computer than a transistor  (References 1-2).
Later, he also pioneered the neuroscientific study of the Mind-Brain problem, at a time when most neuroscientists left question this to the philosophers (References 4-5).
Dr. Llinas is currently the Thomas and Suzanne Murphy Professor of Neuroscience and Chairman Emeritus of the department of Physiology & Neuroscience at the New York University School of Medicine. He has published more than 500 scientific articles.

1.  Llinas, R; Sugimori (1980). “Electrophysiological Properties of in Vitro Purkinje Cell Somata in Mammalian Cerebellar Slices”. The Journal of Physiology. 305: 171-195.
2.  Llinás, Rodolfo (1990). «Intrinsic Electrical Properties of Mammalian Neurons and CNS Function». Fidia Research Foundation Neuroscience Award Lectures, 1988-1989 (Raven Press)
3.  Llinás, Rodolfo R. (1999) “The Squid Giant Synapse : A Model for Chemical Transmission”   Oxford University Press, USA.
4.  Llinás, Rodolfo R. and Churchland, Patricia S. (1996) “Mind-Brain Continuum: Sensory Processes”   The MIT Press, Cambridge, USA.
5.  Llinás, R. (2001) “I of the Vortex: From Neurons to Self”.  The MIT Press, Cambridge, USA.


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