Symposium on Consciousness in Oslo, August 26, 2016

Event Start Date:
4. October 2023
Event End Date:
4. October 2023
Event Venue:

Symposium on Consciousness in Oslo,  August 26, 2016

At the Scandinavian Physiological Society Annual Meeting, which will take place in Oslo, August 26th – 28th, 2016.

Venue:   The University of Oslo, Blindern Campus (Georg Sverdrups hus)

Symposium on Consciousness, August 26

11:45 – 13:30  in Georg Sverdrups hus, University of Oslo, Blindern


Marzia De Lucia, Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland: Prediction of comatose patients outcome based on EEG-based functional improvement over time—pis/marzia-de-lucia.html


Steven Laureys,  leader of the Coma Science Group, Liege, Belgium: Consciousness in coma and related states


Nicholas D. Schiff, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York: Identification of Cognitive Motor Dissociation (CMD) after severe brain injury: mechanisms and challenges for restoring communication


This symposium is co-hosted by the Forum for Consciousness Research and is open to the general Public.

All are welcome!

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