Monthly Archives: December 2014

Funding for TMS-EEG equipment for consciousness research in Oslo

A consortium of neuroscience research groups and clinicians at the University of Oslo (UiO) and Oslo University Hospital (OUS) has recently obtained funding from the infastructure programme at UiO for acquiring TMS-EEG equipment for use in consciousness research.

Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) combined With TMS-compatible high-density electroencephalography (hdEEG) have numerous applications in preclinical and clinical brain research, diagnosis and therapy, related to sensory, motor, and cognitive brain functions and diseases. TMS is widely used in research in humans and animals, and for diagnosis and monitoring of sensory, motor and cognitive dysfunctions, including altered states of consciousness due to brain injury or stoke. TMS can also be used for research and guiding in neurosurgery, monitoring anesthesia or rehabilitation after brain injury, treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders including depression and multiple sclerosis.

Navigated TMS combined with high-density EEG (nTMS-hdEEG) has recently yielded highly promising results in consciousness research and diagnosis of disorders of consciousness, by providing a measurable index of consciousness.