PUBLIC LECTURE by Dr. Yaïr Pinto: Does a split brain imply a split mind?

Event Start Date:
19. May 2022
Event End Date:
19. May 2022
Event Venue:
The Forum for Consciousness Research is proud to announce our next event:
Prof Yaïr Pinto will present his research on split-brain patients and the challenges it presents to the modern computational theory of mind at Runde auditorium (Domus Medica, University of Oslo) on Thursday, May 19th, between 15:30 and 16:45.
The event is free an open to the public. Hope to see you all there!

TITLE: “0.38 conscious agents? Split-brain patients highlight challenges for computationalism in dealing with the unity of mind.”
Abstract: Cognitive neuroscience is firmly rooted in the computational theory of mind, which, in turn, is firmly rooted in classical physics. However, if we apply computationalism to questions about the unity of mind, challenges emerge. In the current talk I will discuss the unity of mind in the context of split-brain patients. First, I will highlight why the “standard view” that a split-brain implies a split mind is problematic. Secondly, the focus will shift to more fundamental challenges for investigating the unity of mind if we adhere to computationalism.
Bio: Yair Pinto is an assistant Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam with a background in Physics (MSc) and Cognitive Psychology (PhD). He has received several high-profile grants both European (a Dutch Rubicon grant, a European Marie-Curie grant) and American (a large Templeton grant). He has published his work in many prestigious journals, among them Journal of Experimental Psychology: General and Brain. His main interests are visual perception, consciousness, split-brain patients and free will.
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