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THE DREAMING BRAIN: On Sleep, Dreaming and Consciousness

Event Start Date:
26. April 2019
Event End Date:
26. April 2019
Event Venue:

Forum for Consciousness Research and The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters invite you to an open meeting on the science and philosophy of sleep, dreaming and consciousness.

11.00 – 11.05: Introduction by Johan F. Storm, Neurophysiology, University of Oslo
11.05 – 12.05: Antti Revonsuo: On the fundamental nature of dreaming: From dream philosophy to consciousness science.
12.05 – 12.20: Coffee break
12.20 – 13.20: Francesca Siclari: Conscious experience in sleep: a high-density EEG assessment
13.20 – 13.50: Discussion and questions from the audience

Dr. Antti Revonsuo (Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Skövde) is a Finnish cognitive neuroscientist and philosopher of mind. He seeks to understand consciousness as a biological phenomenon and his work focuses on altered states of consciousness with dreaming in particular. He is well known for his Threat Simulation Theory, which states that dreams serve the biological function of rehearsing possibly threatening situations in order to aid survival.

Dr. Francesca Siclari (Lausanne University Hospital) is a medical neuroscientist specialized on consciousness and dreams. She seeks to understand consciousness based on dream content and their neural representation in the human brain. Her work together with Giulio Tononi is best known for describing the first neural correlates of dream experiences in the source reconstructed EEG.

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